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Security and Privacy are Paramount

Regfyl is a comprehensive toolkit for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance in Africa.

We live and breathe security at Regfyl. Our dedication is validated by earning the highest global accreditations.

ISO 27001 Certified: Regfyl's platform meets the gold standard for information security management. This elite certification demands rigorous safeguarding of sensitive data through best practices that preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability. You gain peace of mind knowing your information is locked down against cyberattacks, breaches and unauthorized access. We continuously enhance risk management and security improvement - your privacy remains our relentless pursuit.

Penetration Tested: Regfyl works with world-class independent security consultants to conduct regular penetration tests on all parts of our systems. Aside, we also run frequent vulnerability scans on our code before they make it into production.

NDPR Compliant: Regfyl enforces stringent data privacy and protection in full compliance with Nigerian law. We uphold transparency, consenting handling of personal data, and iron-clad accountability. Your rights - and those of your customers - are fiercely guarded on our NDPR-certified platform.

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