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Regfyl for law firms, nominees & other support professionals

Automation that improves efficiency

Set your practice apart with world-class entity management and compliance automation.


Best in class tracking of compliance obligations

Innovative technology to facilitate all your client's regulatory filings, thereby ensuring that you do not miss any regulatory obligations or deadlines.

Ease of compliance filing

Single source of truth by providing client-specific standardised templates, version control, data collation via APIs, digital signing, and in-app submission and follow-up with the regulator.


Company and compliance records archiving

Store compliance documents in a secure vault for easy access, management and sharing with both Regfyl and non-Regfyl users.



Efficient operations

Automates the bulk of regulatory admin work so you can run lean internally without sacrificing quality or accuracy.


Transparent pricing

Regfyl has no implementation fees, no service fees, and no customization fees. Only pay for what you use on the platform.


Growth opportunities

Unlock new growth opportunities by leveraging the efficiency gains of using Regfyl.

Pay as you scale

No contracts, No hidden fees. You only pay for what you use.

Basic - Free

Regulatory intelligence

Limited storage for company records

Compliance tracker

Statutory (i.e. non-sector specific) bundle

Document & updates trail

On-demand expert consultation


Adding collaborators

Unlimited storage for company records

Compliance library

Sector-specific compliance bundles


In-app chat & video conferencing

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