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Regfyl for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Automation that helps you scale efficiently

Innovation is your game, but nothing halts progress faster than a regulatory misstep. Regfyl builds the foundation of your compliance program so you can grow with confidence.


Increase speed to market with our Regulatory Explorer tool

Quickly and accurately generate location-specific obligations targeted to your business as you start, operate and scale.

Personalised regulatory intelligence

Simplified interpretations and actionable steps to keep you ahead of regulatory changes.


On-demand Expert Support

Access to third-party professional partners and communication tools to manage your ongoing projects and support requests.

Compliance Template Library

DIY templates such as Board Resolutions, Founder Agreements, Employment Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, IP Assignment Agreement, and many more.


Company and compliance records archiving

Store compliance documents in a secure vault for easy access, management and sharing with both Regfyl and non-Regfyl users.



Rapid deployment

Exact compliance obligations in hand within days, not months.


Run Lean

Automate the bulk of regulatory admin work so you can run lean internally without sacrificing quality or accuracy.


Growth Opportunities

Unlock new growth opportunities by understanding exactly how to navigate regulatory waters.

Pay as you scale

No contracts, No hidden fees. You only pay for what you use.

Basic - Free

Regulatory intelligence

Limited storage for company records

Compliance tracker

Statutory (i.e. non-sector specific) bundle

Document & updates trail

On-demand expert consultation


Adding collaborators

Unlimited storage for company records

Compliance library

Sector-specific compliance bundles


In-app chat & video conferencing

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