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Centralize all your regulatory compliance workflows

Efficient compliance

Better Collaboration

Knowledge retention

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How to start

Powered by AI, Regfyl is an all-in-one platform for businesses in Africa to combat fraud and simplify regulatory compliance

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Scale your compliance, not costs 

Regfyl comes with pre-built integrations to industry standard data, an AI-powered transaction monitoring engine trained on African financial/fraud data, in-app regulatory reporting to local regulators, and powerful analytics to provide insights that improve the compliance process.

PEP/KYC/Sanctions Checks

Validate your customer's identity across countries with our AI-powered screening technology.

Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit Act

Terrorism Prevention & Prohibition Act

SEC AML Regulations

Money Laundering Prevention Act

Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit Act

CBN AML Regulations

Transaction Monitoring

Our generative AI-powered engine is uniquely designed to detect fraud in financial products unique to Africa, and continuously learns to minimise false positives & time spent reviewing flagged alerts.

NAICOM AML Regulations

Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit Act



Nigerian Deposit Insurance Commission Act

Advanced Fee Fraud Act

Seamless regulatory filing

Collaborate with your teammates on regulatory filings and enjoy in-app submission to our growing list of regulators

SEC Nigeria
CBN Nigeria

... and more


Case management & audit trail

Compliance records archive

Activity tracker

Productivity enhancement

Boost the productivity of your compliance team with robust performance analytics & insights

Regulatory trail

In-app chat & comms

Compliance tracking & reminders



Simple-to-use APIs for transaction monitoring, customer profiling and other compliance workflows

Sample API screen

Security that meets your standards

Regfyl employs stringent round-the-clock monitoring tools, controls and policies and a dedicated security team to maintain a strong security posture.

Pay as you scale

Affordable pricing, you only pay for what you use


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